buzz cut                              $20

cut & style, shampoo if necessary

loose pricing

on just some of

the services offered:

kiddos 14 & under                        $30

cut & style, shampoo if necessary

short/pixie cuts                 $45

shampoo, cut & style

*all prices are "starting at" - for a full list of services offered, visit the booking page (see button above) or for a custom consultation, please contact studio one eleven directly.

grey blending color           $25

camo color, add back a little pepper to the salt

long hair                               $50-$63**

**existing clientele only. text to book.

ucla short/pixie cuts         $32

cut & style. shampoo extra.

cash price. $2 fee if paying electronically

accepting visa,

american express

mastercard, discover,


& cold hard cash!


                                                                      for hair